Sunday, September 21, 2014

大伯公 福德正神

On 9/15/2014, a 大伯公花车游行 in Penang, Malaysia, was conducted to celebrate 大伯公's birthday.

大伯公 of 開山聖王廟 in Jelutong, Penang
For a period, 開山王 was absent from the Koxinga Temple in Penang. During that time, 大伯公 took care of Koxinga's followers. 大伯公 is actually 福德正神, i.e., 土地公, not an ancestor as that in clan shrines. Honoring this local deity is a tradition in Taiwan. For example, in Tamsui:

Celebrating the birthday of 福德正神 in Tamsui (taken 9/20/2014)